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simple preamp
this easy-to-build preamp provides good gain to weak audio signals.

single ic preamp
this simple preamp is based on the LM358 single-supply dual op amp.

cartridge amplifier
circuit to amplify sound from a magnetic cartridge - also works with a guitar pickup, which is also usable for sound/touch sensing.

sound detector amp/electret mike amplifier
amplifier to boost signal from an electret microphone element. very sensitive - adjustable by R1.

8 watt amplifier
an eight watt amplifier built around the LM383 power audio amp ic.

16 watt amplifier
this 16-watt amplifier is built around 2 LM383 power audio amp ic's.

sound detectors
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sound detector latch circuit
this circuit latches onto sounds and helps you detect them on intervals.

sound detector tone decoder
this decoder listens for specific sounds picked up on the sound detector amp/electret mike amp

sound generators
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tone generator
this is a variable frequency tone generator built around the 555 timer. the output spans most of the range of human hearing.

warbler siren made out of two 555 timer ic's.

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