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magnetic cartridge amp:
cartridge amp schematic
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U1LM387 integrated amplifier ic
R147k ohm resistor
R2, R6100k ohm resistor
R3240 ohm resistor
R42.4k ohm resistor
R51 megohm resistor
C11uF electrolytic capacitor
C233uF electrolytic capacitor
C30.003uf ceramic capacitor
C4750pf ceramic capacitor

all resistors are 5 or 10 percent tolerance, 1/4-watt
all capacitors are 10 percent tolerance,
rated 35 volts or higher
a magnetic pickup from an old record player can make a great pressure, and vibration sensor. replace the needle with a plate of thin metal (copper off a pcb is good,) and you've got an incredible touch sensor. use this circuit to amplify the circuit before passing it into sound level detector.
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