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5 volt power supply:
5volt power supply
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U1LM7805 +5 VDC Voltage Regulator
BR14 amp bridge rectifier
T112.6 volt, 1.2 amp ac transformer
F12 amp slow-blow fuse
S1SPST toggle switch
R1270 ohm resistor
C13,000 uF electrolytic capacitor, 35 volt min.
C2100 uF electrolytic capacitor, 35 volt min.
LED1Light Emitting Diode
MISC.fuse holder, heat sink for U1, binding posts, ac cord with plug, chassis

all resistors are 5 or 10 percent tolerance, 1/4-watt
all capacitors are 10 percent tolerance
Please operate caution when building this power supply. It is run on, I believe, 120v ac current (standard US wall outlet) - and under the right circumstances 120 ac can kill you. Use a plastic enclosure if possible to decrease chances of short-circuiting. Don't use the power supply if it's wet, and never run it without the specified fuse.
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